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A tool for detecting targeted attacks—Dr.Web FixIt! 2.3: Faster and more convenient

August 28, 2023

Doctor Web is updating Dr.Web FixIt!, its unparalleled tool for detecting targeted attacks. Working with service reports has become even more convenient.

When updating the product, we also take into account the wishes of its users. Thus, data sorting has been optimised in the Dr.Web Fixit! report tabs, and page navigation has become faster—it has gotten more convenient to analyse large amounts of information that holds the key to understanding the causes of incidents. The speed of report analysis is important when taking timely measures to eliminate the consequences of an incident.

We remind you that last year we investigated an APT attack on a telecommunications company in Kazakhstan — in such cases, Dr.Web FixIt! helps prevent serious consequences and minimise the damage.

Please note that during the update, which will take place on August 28 from 11:30 to 13:00 MSK, Dr.Web FixIt! may be unstable.

More and more information security specialists are using Dr.Web FixIt! in their work, taking advantage of the tool to investigate system anomalies. More information about Dr.Web FixIt!’s capabilities and applications for use can be found on the product page; and if you want to try it — request a trial.

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